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Technical requirements for the safety of shears

Shears security technology requirements:
Shearing is a relatively wide range of application of machining of a cutting device, it can cut steel plate of various thickness. Commonly used in flat cutting shears, roll-cutting and vibration cutting 3 types. Flat shear machine is the use of many. Shearing thickness less than 10mm of the shears are mostly mechanical transmission, greater than 10mm for the hydraulic dynamic drive. Generally carried out with the pedal or button manipulation of single or continuous cutting of metal. Operation of shears should pay attention to:
(1) work before you check carefully whether it is normal shears ministries, electrical equipment is intact, lubrication system is free from debris; cleared the table and around the place have the tools, measuring and other debris, and scrap materials.
(2) Do not own one to operate shears should be coordinated feeding 2-3 people, control dimensional accuracy and reclaimers, etc., and to identify a person by the unified command.
(3) according to the provisions of the Shears thickness, adjust the shears scissors gap. At the same time are not allowed to cut two kinds of different specifications, different sheet metal materials; not overlapping shearing. Cut the surface of flat sheet metal required, are not allowed to cut a narrower sheet can not be pressed.
(4) The shears of the belt, flywheel, gear, and axle parts of movements such as protective cover must be installed.
(5) shears operator's fingers away from the feeding port scissors should be kept to a minimum distance of more than 200mm, and leave the clamping device. Trigger the cut on the placement of protective fencing should not block the operator cut the eye can not see the site. Operation of waste generated from angular, the operator should promptly removed to prevent the stab wounds, cuts.
(6) shears the flywheel, gear, shaft, tapes and other moving parts should be fortified guard.
(7) placed on the fence to prevent the operator's hands into the scissors fall within the region. Waste is prohibited at work to pick up on the ground to avoid being injured falling to the workpiece.
(8) can not quench fire cut the material, nor allow the cutting of more than cutting-bed capacity.

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