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Metal Master Variable Rake NC Guillotine Shear


Metal Master Variable Rake NC Guillotine Shear


The frame is steel welded structure, have sufficient strength and rigidity,

eliminate internal stress and high frequency vibration, to ensure the overall accuracy of the fuselage.

Has a good rigidity, two cylinders fixed on the left and right columns (wallboard);

■Shearing machine blades material is 6CrW2Si, four cutting edges can be use;

■Squaring arm with English scale;

■Lights on the line;

■blade clearance(gap) adjustment and shearing angle adjustment;

■Back gauge remove with linear guides ,axis guides and ball screw.

二、Main configurations

■Hydraulic valve: Rexroth brand, Germany;

■Gear Pump: Rexroth brand, Germany;

■Electrical Component: Schneider, France +Omron,Japan;

■Main Motor and AC motor :Siemens,Germany;

■Blades:6CrW2Si material,Hardness 55-62HRC; 

Backgauge move with linear guides or axis guides 

and ball screw;

三、Technical parameter

Max cutting thickness : 6mm

Max cutting sheet length: 3200mm

Stroke times: ≥13 times/Min

Back gauge travel range: 800mm  

Cutting angle: 0.5-2°

Worktable table height: 800mm

Depth of throat: 100mm

Material strength: ≤450 N/mm²

Motor power: 7.5kw

Dimensions(LXWXH): 3850x1900x2200mm

Net.weight: 6500kg

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