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Rolling Machine for Ships (W11-20*12500)

Main technical data:
Upper roller adding pressure: 490T
Max width of roll board 12500mm
The length of working rolls 12600mm
Up roll diameter ø 380mm
Down roll diameter ø 320mm
Up Support roll diameter: ø 350mm
Down support roll diameter: ø 270mm
Distance between two down rolls 440mm
Support rolls group: 7
No rolls of each group: 2 upper/ 4 down
Drive speed about 3.5m/min
Upper roll move speed while add pressure: 150mm/min
Max capacity of coiled board: T20*B125008R500(σs≤345Mpa)
Max stroke of upper roll: 410mm
Hydraulic system working pressure: 19.5MPa
Hydraulic motor 22KW
Main motor 55KW

Plate rolling machine for ships adopts a 3-roller symmetrical structure. The upper roller makes vertical movement at a symmetrical position in the center between the two lower rollers. The hydraulic driving is achieved through the action of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder on the posion. The two lower rollers make rotation and provide the plates with torque through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and gear of the lower roller. Several groups of support rollers are devised on the lower side of the two lower rollers to enhance the rigidity of the lower rollers and enables vertical adjustment. On the upper side of the upper roller. There is a rigid beam. And between the beam and the upper roller, there are several groups of support rollers to enhance the rigidity of the upper roller. The machine is fit for bending the work-piece in arc shape and with excessive width.

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