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4 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

W12-25*3000 rolling machine
1, summarize:
This four rolls bending machine used to coil plate into different sharps such as cylindrical form, conic form and arc, it adopted Japan hydraulic technical.
Top roll is main drive rolls, it can does vertical and level motion, up and down, parallel translation is display. This machine include pre-bending function.
2, main technical data:
Max thickness of plate                25mm
Max length of working rolls             3000mm
Max width of plate                    3100mm
Unsymmetrical:T25*B3000*min 800mm (σs≤245Mpa)
Symmetrical: T30*B3000*min 800mm (σs≤245Mpa)
Min bending diameter                 Φ800mm
 Up roll diameter:                   Φ420mm
Down roll diameter:                 Φ400mm±3
Side roll diameter:                    Φ360mm±3
Side roll moving direction           30°
Down roll lifting speed              80mm/min
Down roll stroke                     60mm
Side roll lifting speed              80mm/min
Upper roll capacity                 270t
Down roll capacity                  190t
Side roll capacity                  160t
Bending speed                        4m/min
Main drive motor                       30KW
max pressure of hydraulic system           19.5Mpa

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