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sheet metal bender machine with E21 NC controller


sheet metal bender machine with E21 NC controller


Adopts steel plate welded structure, with tempering process and vibration aging treatment,

Elimination the working stress and eliminating welding stress caused deformation, ensuring the precision of the machine tool maintenance.

■ Standard with E21 NC-controller system

■ Standard with a multi vee bottom die and punch that is attached to the upper ram with ordinary change punch clamper.

■ New back gauge with axis guides and ball screw

■ press brake with front support arm

■ NC and OFF functions. if NC controller damaged or customer don't want to use NC controller,  press button to the right turn is ok, use other four buttons.  machine will normal work.

■ when slider down move, only touch limit switch, slider move stop , if cannot touch limit switch, slider will return.

■ Slider will automatic return after release pressure finish. don't need to press foot switch.

、Main configurations

1.E21 NC controller: ESTUN brand

2.Hydraulic valve:atos brand, Italy

3.Gear Pump: SUMITOMOS brand, Japan;

4.Electrical Component: Schneider,France + Omron , Japan

5.Main Motor and AC motor: Shuangta, China

6. Seal ring: DJ, Taiwan 

7. Foot switch: Karcon, South Korea

8.Back gauge move with axis guide and ball screw


9. High pressure oil tube.

三、E21 NC feature

Backgauge control

Control for general AC motors,frequency inverter

Intelligent positioning

Double programmable digital output

Stock counter

Program memory of up to 40 programs,up to 25 steps per program

One side positioning

Retract function

One key backup/restore of parameters



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