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WF67K electro hydraulic synchronous DA56(3+1) CNC press brake


WF67K   electro hydraulic synchronous DA56(3+1)  CNC press  brake

DA56 CNC feature
 2D graphical programming
 10,4"LCD TFT color display
 Bend sequence determination
 Developed length calculation
 Crowning control
 USB peripheral interfacing
 Servo,frequency inverter and AC control
 Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves

On both sides of the main cylinder synchronization of German imports of electro-hydraulic servo valve and the Italian grating closed-loop control, accurate feedback, the slider running accurately, thereby bending the accuracy slider repeat positioning accuracy.

Rack of the components adopts split steel plate welded structure, with tempering processTTT and vibrationTTT aging treatment, eliminating welding stress and the working stress caused by deformation, ensuring the precision of the machine tool maintenance   

Professional manufacturing plant for processing cylinder, imported complete sets of the sealing ring, imported fittings, overcome the phenomenon of oil leakage.

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