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Shearing MachineHydraulic Shearing Machine hydraulic press brake

CNC hydraulic press brake with new back gauge


CNC hydraulic press brake with new back gauge

一、Technical characteristics

Adopts steel plate welded structure, with tempering process and vibration aging treatment, 

Elimination the working stress and eliminating welding stress caused deformation, 

ensuring the precision of the machine tool maintenance.

■ Standard with E210 CNC-controller system, digital programming and angle programming.

■ Standard punch and die with fast clamping.

■ New back gauge with linear guides and ball screw

■ press brake with front support arm



二、E210 CNC features

Program memory of up to 100programs,25 steps per program;

Tool library:20 dies;

Conventional press brake control;

Angle programming and automatic bending position calculation;

Back gauge allowance compensation;

Dual servo system control;

Flexible I/O configuration;

Free group valve setting;

One side positioning;

Retract function;

Auto reference search;

Power down memorization;



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